Sunday, 20 March 2011

Content playback and management

Content is played to the displays of a digital signage network from at least one media player (or an internal player for standalone screens). Various hardware and software options exist, providing a range of different ways to schedule and playback content. These range from simple, non-networked portable media players that can output basic JPG slide shows or loops of MPEG-2 video to complex networks consisting of multiple players and servers that offer control over enterprise-wide or campus-wide displays at many venues from a single location. The former are ideal for small groups of displays that can be updated via USB flash drive, SD card or CD-ROM, Another option is the use of D.A.N (digital advertising network) players that connect directly to the monitor and to the internet.This allows the enduser the ability to manage multiple D.A.N players from any location. The enduser can create new advertising or edit existing advertisements then upload changes to the D.A.N via the internet.

Developments in web services have meant the APIs for some digital signage software now allow for customized content management interfaces through which end-users can manage their content from one location, in a way which suits their requirement.

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